New Talent Takes on Newbigin Shield

Saturday 23rd February, 12 of Central best took on Eastern in the annual Newbigin Shield challenge.  

Eastern claimed the shield last year and the Manager and Coach Grant Watts and Rod Bannister warned the players it would be a tough day that often comes down to points count back.  With 5 new faces on the Central side they were told to try for every point but to enjoy it.

The morning round saw Central take an early lead with wins by Luke Jones, Kent Darlington, Matthew Ratcliffe, Rory Mortleman, Daniel Foster, Bridget Taylor and Emma Rowe giving Central a 7 - 5 lead heading into the lunchtime break.  Often in the afternoon the tides turn but not this year all the morning winners also won their afternoon games giving Central the shield for 2019 14 - 10.  Many commented how great ti was to see fresh faces on the courts alongside a few familiar ones of course.

Thank you to Marilyn Dolan for being the tournament controller and SquashGym for the courts and putting on a great lunch.

The full teams were:

Central Eastern
Luke Jones Jordan Le Comte
Corbin Faint Taylor Leabourne
Kent Darlington Dave Murdoch
Matthew Ratcliffe Ken Bollard
Rory Mortleman RJ Cook
Daniel Foster Joel Le Comte
Fiona Gifford-Moore Jena Gregory
Tina Steedman Tania Tatana
Michelle Habib Mel Goodchild
Genevieve Bell Anna Nuku
Bridget Taylor Tina Rangi
Emma Rowe Andrea Hewitt