Bell and Holmes defend titles

The Central Junior Championships took place on  17 - 18th May at Whanganui Squash Club with 40 odd entries there were some strong boys draws through all the age groups.  

Unfortunately numbers on the girls side were down which saw only 2 competing for the under 15 and Under 19 titles.  The district will be looking closely at this competitions format and timing for next year to help strengthen these numbers.

Last year Abbie Holmes of Hawera and Jordan Bell of SquashGym took out the Under 19 titles and both were back keen to defend these.  Abbie quickly won her only game in 3 to reclaim her title and will no doubt be back next year to defend again as she still has a few more years in the junior ranks.   Jordan Bell in his last year of juniors had to play through 4 other opponents to take the tile but did so with relative ease winning the final over Matthew Adshead.  Full results were:

Under 19 Boys

1st Jordan Bell (PN)

2nd Matthew Adshead (PN)

3rd Lachlan Greensill (NP)


Under 17 Boys

1st Samson Power (WG)

2nd Kasen Hanks (TR)

3rd Harris Sweeney (PN)


Under 15 Boys

1st Reece Holmes (HW)

2nd Brodie Bennett (TR)

3rd Nicholas Mitchell (FD)


Under 13 boys

1st Ollie Dunbar (Tawa Wgtn)        Plate Cassius Leevey (NP)

2nd Reece Homes (HW)                Spl Plate Kaleb Grant (WG)

3rd Brodie Bennett (TR)


Under 11 Boys

1st Maximus Mathews (WG)       

2nd James Stanyan (NP)            Sp Plate Ethan Darlington (WG)

3rd Mac O Connor (WG)            Cons Plate Luka Mantle (PN)


Under 19 Girls

1st Abbie Holmes (HW)

2nd Kayla Ryan (HW)


Under 15 Girls 

1st Aria Bannister (WG)

2nd Abby Treder (TR)


Under 13 Girls

1st Anabel Romero (PN)

2nd Aria Bannister (WG)

3rd Isla Sweeney (PN)


Under 11 Girls

1st Lily McGonigal (PN)

2nd Piper Bennett (TR)

3rd Tylee Bennett (TR)