Darius Mathews takes out the 2019 Junior Prince Series

The young Whanganui player Darius Mathews took the series lead in the 3rd round in Levin and battled it out with brother Maximus for the lead all the way through the series.  But it was the younger Darius to take the top spot.

This years the Junior Prince Series was a lengthy 17 rounds that spanned the length of the district.  The two Mathew's brothers attended almost all rounds with Darius taking the series out with 103 points over his nearest rival Sam Watson on 86 points.  The top girl was Arnika Watson on 72 points.

The top 5 players to receive the 5 x $100 coaching scholarships were:

1. Darius Mathews 103 pts

2. Sam Watson 86 pts

3. Maximus Mathews 77 pts

4. Arnika Watson b72 pts

5 Gabrielle Bevins 70 pts

Prince has been a long time sponsor of this series which sees our J graders around the district develop great friendships and squash skills with their fellow competitors.  Be sure to support our sponsors by purchasing Prince gear when ever you can.  To see their full range check out their website here. https://www.sgssports.co.nz/product-category/prince/

The top 8 Boys and Top 8 Girls all take home some awesome Prince gear.

They were:

1  Darius Mathews Arnika Watson 
2  Sam Watson  Gabrielle Bevins
3  Maximus Mathews  Maddison O'Hara
4  Liam Burnard  Elizabeth Laws
5  Jake Laws  Amelia Laws
6  Zack Hutchinson  Emily Thomas
7  Malachy O'Conner  Aysha Valentine
8  Ethan Clough & Jay Valentine (equal)  Lily Anderson

 For the full results check out our dedicated Junior Prince series page here on the website.