8 Newcomers take on Squash Eastern

Sunday the 23rd February saw the annual Squash Eastern Vs Central clash take place at SquashGym Palmerston North.  The Central team this year consisted of 8 new comers who had never represented the district before play alongside 10 other seasoned Central reps.

 The team of 18 strong players were selected after 2 weekends of training days that were attended by 26 players.  Manager Melville Holmes said "The selection was tough and the depth and talent is certainly there with all having their own talents".  Building of this depth from the lower age groups to feed up over the next few years is a key focus for Holmes and it appears he is off to a great start.

 It was an early 8:30am start for the team with team meeting and then the first of the two rounds kicked off at 10am.  First up we had 5 newcomers take the court, coming away with 4 wins it was a strong start that their team mates built on over the morning session.  When we broke for lunch Central lead Eastern 12 wins to 6.

The afternoon sessions can often prove much closer with the players battling their equal seed form the other district. Again we started with he newcomers and quickly took a 5 match lead, only needing 2 more to retain the trophy.  All the kids represented Central with pride and sportsmanship and came away with the fantastic result winning the challenge 23 matches to 13.  Credit has to be given to not only the amazing athletic performances but also to the dedicated team off court of coaches Victor Romer and Pete Arnott, Manager Melville Holmes, chef for 50 Katrina Gemmell and of course all the other volunteers and parents for all the hours they put in.  A huge thank you to the Eastern Team for making the trip and no doubt there were plenty of new mates made on and off the courts.

Cheers Melville

Junior Convener (J.C)


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