2020 Central Open Winners

SquashGym's Ngakuira Osborne and Matt Nation took out the 2020 Central Open finals on Sunday 2nd August.

Both were top seeds in their divisions and favourites to take out the title.  While Matt Nation was a clear winner in the final against veteran A grader Kent Darlington it was third seeded Stephen Bennett who was the only one to take a set off of Nation and challenge his dominance over the field.  Bennett also took the win over Darlington in 4 taking out second overall.

On the women's side of the draw things were a little closer, Osborne had to battle hard to take the final win in 5 sets against Hannah Grimmett of Kapiti.  While both Nation and Osborne and long time Central HP players and reps this is the first time ever either has taken the prestigious Open title.

The outstanding performance of the tournament however could be found down in the men's division 4 where 7th seeded Thor Darlington fresh out of a winning Super Champs team didn't drop a game all weekend to take the win proving all that Super Champs coaching his dad Kent Darlington had given him paid off and moving Thor up into D grade.  

A big thank you to Levin Squash Club for hosting the event over the 3 days.  

Division winners and runners up were:

Mens Open                W.          Matt Nation (PN)

                                RU          Stephen Bennett (PN)

Div 1                         W           James Matthews (HW)

                                RU          Jack Shearer (KP)

Div 2                         W           Daniel Maher (TH)

                                RU          Tihema Merioti (LV)

Div 3                         W           Donald Bryant (LV)

                                RU          Logan Bunn (KA)

Div 4                         W           Thor Darlington (WG)

                                RU          Rob Leith (HB)

Div 5                         W           Baxter McGonigal (PN)

                                RU          Shaun Fulton (FX)

Div 6                        W            Taeron Kahukiwa (Rot)


Ladies Open            W            Ngakura Osborne (PN)

                             RU           Hannah Grimmett (OT)

Div 1                      W            Aroha Beattie (HW)

                             RU           Heather McGregor (LV)

Div 2                      W            Dawn Benefield (LV)

                             RU           Hannah Wykes (PN)

Div 3                      W            Jodine Bunn (KA)

                             RU           Zara Smith (KP)

Div 4                      W            Mary Barnard (IG)

                             RU           Brenda Burnard (OA)  

Below Stephen Bennett (right) performed well all weekend to take out second overall in the Men's Open.