Oliver Howarth Wins Prince Series

The 2020 Junior Prince Series wrapped up in Palmerston North on Sunday the 30th August.  Squashgym hosted a large field for the final of the shortened series.  

A big thank you to all the clubs, parents, players and of course our amazing sponsor Prince.  Without you all we couldn't have this amazing event that year after year introduces a bunch of new kids to the competitive side of our sport.  As always the series was closely fought with only a few points separating the top players.  So close that 4th place was split 3 ways. The final series prize winners were as follows.  The top 5 got $100 coaching vouchers while the top 8 boys and top 8 girls all got Prince racket bags.

Top 8 Boys Top 8 Girls
Oliver Howarth Amelia Laws
Zac Trail Piper Bennett
Logan Symes Tylee Bennett
Javier Valentine Lily McGonigal
Ari Laurenson Arnika Watson
Luka Mantle Alexia Laws
Jake Laws Allyka Hanks
Sam Watson Anna Stokes

For the full results and all the images from the series head over to the page https://www.centralsquash.co.nz/2015-06-16-04-14-31/prince-junior-tournaments


Pictured here the two winners Oliver and Amelia.