Masters Team Named for Nationals

Congratulations to the following players who have been named in the Central Masters team to compete in Whangarei from 16th - 20th October.  Many of the team have returned from last year and will be looking to improve on their performances and their costumes.  Darlington moves into the next age group and will be looking to challenge the individual title after placing runner up last year in the 40 + division.

Age Group Men Women
35+ Matthew Ratcliffe WG Loni Martin TH
40+ Kelly Webber DV Carina Brasell KP
45+ Kent Darlington WG Michelle Habib KP
50+ Said Habib KP Aroha Beattie HW
55+ Rob Brownrigg PN Emma Mullins TH
60+ Mike Donalads PN Janice Trevathan Kp
Manager   Erana Peeti-Webber DV