Junior Titles both goto the Naki

Inglewood hosted the 2020 Central Juniors with both Under 19 titles staying in Taranaki with their new owners Lachlan Greensill and Abbie Holmes.

Age group winners were as follows:

Winners of the Central Juniors 2020 are as below:
U19 Boys - Lachlan Greensill
U17 Boys - Jackson Clement
U15 Boys - Reece Holmes
U13 Boys - Thor Darlington
U11 Boys - Ethan Darlington
U19 Girls - Abbie Holmes
U17 Girls - Grace Foreman
U15 Girls - Arnika Watson
U13 Girls - Anna Stokes
U11 Girls - Not contested

Congratulations to them all.

Lachlan Greensill U19 Boys.jpeg  

Abbie Holmes U19 Girls.jpeg