Join us!

Our District is managed by a group of volunteers who give their time and efforts to the game of squash. Developing and growing it within the Central District.  If you are interested in helping then please consider joining us.

The nomination form is online this year and the link is below along with full job descriptions.  These job descriptions are fluid and can be changed to suit the individuals who take them on and their expertise.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Put your name forward for a position by clicking the link below it only takes 2 minutes.  Nominations close on the 5th November 2020 at 5pm.



Squash Central Committee Job Descriptions

Committee Members

Offering general support (and localised voice) to the Central committee. Can offer assistance in personalised areas of expertise e.g. HR, Finance, Planning, Events etc. Can assist in communications from District through to zone, clubs, plus assisting with Central events from Interclub, to rep fixtures to Central Open, Masters and Junior events.

Maybe asked to take on roles that have not been filled at AGM.
Expected to participate in the buddy system which requires attendance to at least one buddy club committee meeting. Reporting back at meetings when required.


President The President leads the Central Squash Committee, has regular contact with Administrator, any Squash Development staff and Treasurer.

Leads Committee meetings.
Represents District at Squash Central and Squash New Zealand events. Oversees district development, long-term goals and strategic planning.
Chairs and organises Committee meetings (works with Secretary to set agenda). Manages and supports committee volunteers.
Delegates and oversees tasks to members of committee and clubs where required.
Represents district at Squash New Zealand meetings (including Presidents meetings & AGM) and represents the District through voting rights.


Treasurer Hours per week required for the role are approximately 3-5.

The Treasurer controls all Central’s finances and is the District’s Chief Financial Officer. Payroll for employees and contractors via Xero, producing payslips via Xero. Completes PAYE monthly and GST returns bi monthly.
Administers the finances of the Central Squash Trust.
Pays expenses and creates invoices where necessary.
Sets the annual budget and monitors throughout the year.
Has account signing authority and is chief approver of payments (with another signatory) as required.
Monitors expenditure throughout year (including monthly reconciliations) and reports to Committee at meetings throughout year.
Produces annual accounts and arranges independent Review of annual accounts. Authorises all expenditure
Ensures receipts are received for all expenditure.
Files and pays GST, files with IRD
Creates invoices and manages collection for affiliation fees, interclub fees, player contributions and anything else necessary.
Liaises closely with district administrator
Provides administrator with account and audit material for funding applications and accountability.


Senior Convener Encourage and grow player grading’s and performance within the senior ranks. Establish senior team selection and management programme.
Provide coaching guidelines for players and coaches.
Appoint as required team selection and management panels.

Manage senior teams representing the district.
Coordinate with District administrator to ensure all teams requirements are met. Responsibility - Senior Rep Teams and coaches.



District Coaching Co Ordinator Appointed by the incoming Central Committee, the District Coaches role is to oversee all playing and rep squads and various coaches within Central. Prepare and implement a District wide ‘coaching plan’ in conjunction with other appointed Central coaches throughout the district.

Organise annual Central Coaching Conference.
Communicate all things ‘coaching’ with Squash New Zealand and attend the National Coaching Conference.
Achieve coach growth targets.
Ensure coaching requirements of funding providers and SNZ are met. Encourage coaching programs and attendance at modules.


Development and Participation Convener Encourage quality tournament/competition catering for all levels of players. Continue to encourage junior growth.
An increase in number of active players within the central region. Encourage full participation in both inter-regional triangular tournaments. Provide necessary events for all levels of the game. Encourage new events.
Develop more effective communication between Committee, clubs and players. Encourage personal contact with all clubs via Buddy Club system.
Working closely with calendar administrator provide even spread of district events throughout region.
Help clubs develop programmes to encourage membership and participation growth.


Sponsorship Manager Seeks sponsors and funding to assist the District, providing sponsor packages. Liaison between committee and sponsors
Attempts to obtain $5,000 + of sponsorship funding.
Responsible for assisting with website, Facebook, Annual Report and any District advertising, branding or marketing to meet sponsorship agreements.


Marketing Convener Enhances the District identity and brand through an effective Marketing plan. Seeks sponsors and funding to assist the District, providing sponsor packages. Responsible for assisting with website, Facebook, Annual Report and any District advertising or branding or marketing.
Plans and engages members and public in programmes to achieve strategic objectives through media communications.


Junior Convener Promote J Grade and grow junior numbers and participation within the district. Controls with the assistance of the Coaching Co ordinator, the districts overall juniors programme.
Includes overseeing the Zone squads and training programs, Rep Squad, Jnr Interclub and Jnr Prince Series, thru to Central Junior Champs, rep fixtures and Junior team to Nationals.

3 Major events for juniors within Central: - vs. Eastern, Central Age Group Champs and vs. Wellington
Organise coaches/managers for all junior events.
Vs. Eastern – team of 20 players 2 boys 2 girls from each age group – chose best two players in each age group and organise getting them to the event.

Vs. Wellington – team of 24 U17 players 2 boys and 2 girls from range of 6 bands of points – hold a coaching/selection day, choose team and liaise with players to get them to the event.
National Age Groups team: Support with running Central Juniors, which is a compulsory tournament for those wanting to be selected for Central Junior Age Groups team.

Select team and liaise with District Administrator on logistics of sending them to event.
Works with schools, District Association and Regional Sports Trust to promote squash within schools.

Represent Junior interests on the committee.


Masters Convener Promote and grow Masters participation at all events.
Assists with organisation of the Central Masters tournament
Controls with the assistance of the Coaching Co Ordinator, the districts overall masters programme.
Responsible for any training sessions, Masters squads and Masters team selection and management to Nationals.


Players Representative Represent the players in our district and their opinions to the committee at meetings. Encourage greater communication between the district and Central players at all levels.
Gain feedback from players around events and their perceived running of the district, feeding this back to committee.


iSquash Administrator Appointed by the incoming Central Committee, the iSquash Administrators role is to oversee all players in Central district and their entry and movements on the SNZ iSquash website.
Maintains the districts Grading List, ensuring all new players are added and deleted where required.
Trains members on how to use the Grading List, their player code and results entry. Raises and deals with any results disputes on iSquash.
Enters results from District Super Champs and Inter-district competitions including tournaments and One Day Rep fixtures held within Central.
Familiar with the SIT Club Administrator Manual.


District Captain Appointed by the incoming Central Committee, the District Captain oversees all District events, including...
Interclub Playoffs, Super Champs, Champion of Champions, One day Rep fixtures hosted within Central (when required)

Familiar with iSquash and from time to time will assist with other Central events (Open, Juniors or Masters) and other SNZ National events hosted within Central. Advises and assists clubs with hosting of district, national and major events.