Your 2022 Committee

While the whole 11 committee members from the end of 2021 are returning mostly in similar roles we have two new additions to welcome on board making the passionate volunteers that help run the district 13 strong.

President: Jeff See

Treasurer:Pauline Waite

Junior Convener:Melville Holmes

Senior Convener: Melville Holmes 

Marketing Convener:Anneka Weterman

Dvmt/Participation:Natalie Lane

Masters Convener:Joy Koolen

Players Representative:Natalie Lane

Sponsorship:Shaun Dyer


John Laurenson

Marilyn Dolan

Mike Jack

Daryl O’Hara

Brett Cook

Cindy Marsh

We have our first planning meeting on Monday 20th December and hope to choose a iSquash Admin, District Captain and District coach at that time. Thank you to these people who are giving their valuable free time for the love of the game and want the best for squash as a whole.  When you see them at your nearest club have a chat give them any feedback or suggestions you may have, they are all very approachable and open minded to new ideas.