Most Successful Doubles Pairing in Central History

The pairing of Stephen Bennett and Matthew Ratcliffe have taken their 4th Mens Doubles title over the weekend at the Central Doubles hosted by Stratford Squash Club.  This makes them the most successful couple in Central Doubles history.

The pairing were second seeds behind Sam Howard and Matt Nation in the top spot who were taken out by 6th seeded duo of Craig Watson and Rhys Butler, Watson and Butler went on to play themselves into the final and put up a good fight only narrowly losing in the 5th to Bennett and Ratcliffe.

The Women's division was dominated by Ngakuira Osborne and Abbie Holmes taking the win over runners up Carina Weston and Pauline Slovak.

Mixed title winners were Stephen Bennett and Abbie Holmes who took an easy win over Osborne and Ratcliffe.

A huge thank you to the team at Stratford for putting on a fantastic tournament.  More results as follows:

Mens Div 1 Winners = Matt Ratcliffe and Stephen Bennett
                   Runners Up = Craig Watson and Rhys Butler
Mens Div 2 Winners = Bradley Hopkins and Cassius Leevey
                    Runners Up = Greg Prinsloo and Jared Schivens
Womens Winners = Abbie Holmes and Ngakuira Osborne
                Runners Up = Pauline Slovak and Carina Westen
Mixed Div 1 Winners = Abbie Holmes and Stephen Bennett
                    Runners Up = Ngakuira Osborne and Matt Ratcliffe
Mixed Div 2 Winners = Pauline Slovak and Shaun Dyer
                    Runners Up = Natalie Lane and Marcus Hancock
MIxed Div 3 Winners = Kirstin Seaver and Mitch Careswell
                    Runners Up = Craig Watson and Arnika Watson