Leevey Shield 2022

The annual Leevey Shield took place on Saturday 21st of May in Ohakune, against a strong Waikato side. With some very tight matches and it coming down to the last match, Central were too strong taking home the shield.
Georgia Robcke beat Ngakuira Osbourne 3-0
Nadine Cull lost to Tamsyn Leevey 0-3
Taylor Ashton lost to Melanie Driescher 2-3
Rebecca Rouse lost to Abbie Holmes 0-3
Shelby Garrett beat Emma Rowe 3-1
Aleisha Coombes lost to Grace George 0-3
Jonathan Cheeseman beat Vaughan Robinson 3-0
Braedyn Henderson lost to Rory Mortleman 0-3
Stephen O’Toole beat Nico Cowley 3-1
Dion Morgan beat James Van Kerkhoff 3-1
Nick Braae lost to Matthew Laurenson 0-3
Halfway point Central lead 6-5
Georgia Robcke lost to Tamsyn Leevey 0-3
Nadine Cull beat Ngakuira Osbourne 3-0
Taylor Ashton lost to Abbie Holmes 1-3
Rebecca Rouse lost to Melanie Driescher 2-3
Shelby Garrett lost to Grace George 1-3
Aleisha Coombes lost to Emma Rowe 1-3
Jonathan Cheeseman beat Rory Mortleman 3-1
Braedyn Henderson beat Vaughan Robinson 3-0
Stephen O’Toole beat James Van Kerkhoff 3-0
Dion Morgan beat Nico Cowley 3-2
A huge day for our team on the weekend as they took on Waikato for the Leevey Shield... some tight games but we managed to come away with the win! Massive thanks to the Squash Waikato team for travelling to Ohakune and of course to our own Central players who made the trip and left it all on the court.